A cosmetic case inspired by Snapchat

I’m excited to publish my first blog post ever! Yey! Before I begin, I want to say that English isn’t my native language so there might be some stupid/funny errors in the text. I apologize in advance 😉

Okay, here it goes!

The story behind this project is quite short. I met the most amazing Peruvian girl this spring who came to Finland to spend her exchange year. Sadly she had to return home this week, but I just couldn’t let her leave us without sewing her a little souvenir… I personally think she needed something hand-made that she can use every day to remind her of us. The only problem (which was easy to resolve) was to come up with something unique she would absolutely love. She is really passionate about Snapchat so it didn’t take long to figure out that Snapchat inspired cosmetic case would be perfect.

The only plain yellow fabric I had lying around was this piece of linen. I chose to make the lining out of poppy-printed Marimekko cotton. On the right you can see the heavy-weight felt that I used to make the case sturdier. For the closing I decided to go with a burgundy colored zipper and a matching strip of plaid fabric. I think the colors look beautiful together, kind of regal.


The first step was to sew pieces of plaid fabric to both ends of the zipper for there were no stoppers (the zipper was from my old purse). I simply folded the raw edges inward and then folded it in half again and placed it where the stopper would have been so that the end of the zipper was in between the layers of fabric. Then I secured it with a couple rows of machine stitching.


The next photo is a little dark but you can see that the next thing I did was to create a pattern, cut it out of linen and appliqué the ghost of Snapchat to the front. For the motif I used white cotton. The length of the case pattern is 48 cm, and the width is 23 cm on the edge where I will place the zipper, 25 cm on the bottom and the middle part that joins the front and back is 8,5 cm x 17 cm. These measurements don’t include seam allowances. I wish I had had enough fabric to make the case more squarish but the yellow linen was barely large enough for this pattern. I used two-sided fusible interfacing to attach the ghost. I also stitched around the motif with tight zigzag in black but it doesn’t show in this picture.


I cut out the pattern from the heavy-weight felt and sewed the edges with zigzag stitch. I didn’t include any seam allowances for this layer. The assemble was easy: first you sew the sides together and then fold the remaining holes (between the middle piece of the pattern and the sides) closed and sew those, too.


I did the same thing with the lining and the outermost layer. Here you can see the two assembled. I also sewed the zipper to the yellow linen but only from the long sides, the right sides facing each other. The short ends where I had attached the plaid fabric I left intact. The end result was neater this way. Then it was time to pile up the layers! The lining went inside the felt (right side of the lining facing up) and those inside the yellow linen (linen was of course the right side out).


I had to cut a centimeter off of the felt for it was too long at the top (it didn’t fit inside the linen). Then I folded the seam allowances of the lining over the felt layer and sewed the lining to the zipper by hand with tiny invisible whip stitches. After that the case needed just a good ironing and it was done. Here you see it finished! I really love the way the case holds its shape even without a thing inside it. I still wish I had made it more squarish, though. To make this gift a bit more personalized, I painted our Snapchat user names to the back with black fabric paint and a small paint brush (but you can’t see it in the photos).



Lastly, I think the heavy-weight felt I used may have a proper name… Hopefully I figure it out one day :).

Thank you for reading!


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