Tropical animal cards in mixed media

Today I want to share with you my latest works of art. A couple weeks ago I found the pack of stencils I used to draw with when I was little. I really liked the simplicity of their animal designs, so what else could I have done but to create some new drawings?

Actually these shouldn’t be called just drawings. I used wax crayons, fine liner pens, thicker felt pens and watercolors to make them. The inspiration for these came from batik fabrics. You know how rich they are in color and contrast… I wish I had a meter I could turn into something useful. While dreaming, this is what I came up with the art materials:

Heron in marshes
Heron in the marshlands
Indian forest
An Indian forest

Each was made on a piece of cardboard the size of which is 10,4 cm x 14,5 cm. I think the one with the fish is the best out of these three. Which one do you like the most?

Thank you for reading (and viewing)!


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