Notes on a galaxy dress

Now that I have got the hang of writing DIY tutorials, it’s time to start something new :). If you have read my about page, you already know that my sewing career has long history. What this means is that I have plenty of completed projects to blog about, but no pictures from the process of making of them. I still want to write about them, however, but because I lack the pictures, I have created a new category called Notes on completed projects for them. The title of the posts that fall into it will begin with the word “notes”, so they will be easy to recognize in the future.

The first post in this “incomplete DIY instructions” series is about my graduation dress from few years ago. I wanted the dress to reflect my love for starry skies, so I jumped at the chance to try to create my own galaxy print. I was inspired by this tutorial I found on Tally’s Treasury. I love to add hidden meanings onto everything I sew, and with this project my original plan was to include Star Wars things in the skirt portion. I was to appliqué a little Millennium Falcon to the hem, but I guess I fell short on time because it didn’t make it to the end result.

This dress was my first try at pattern making. It’s made from three meters of slightly crinkled black polyester. The bodice consists of nine pieces and it has princess seams. The boning is spiral steel and the lining on the bodice was made from black cotton.


The dress has zipper down the back and one pair of hooks the secure the closure.


The hem is a simple rectangle which was gathered at the top. I would have wanted to make it a circle, but the print was easier to paint on a squarish piece of fabric. I think the rectangle was nearly three meters wide, and the only place I had enough room to paint was my grandparent’s garage :).


I’m a little disappointed with the lack of volume on the hem. It looks a bit sad and doesn’t give the print the credit it deserves.


The reason why the hem droops is that there is only one layer of tulle underneath it. Here is a picture of the seam between the tulle and the bodice’s lining. As you can see, I didn’t tidy up the seam allowances either. It’s funny how your sewing skills improve during the years and make you notice every little detail you could have done better.


The part of the project I’m most proud of is the princess seam in the bodice. It was surprisingly easy to craft, too.


At the time I was lazier and tried to sew the shoulder seams with machine… Terrible mistake, they look very messy and the fabric puckers. Good thing is I learned the importance of hand-sewing.


And last but not least two close-up photos of the print itself. What I learned from the painting process is that bleach doesn’t work well on polyester (I had read it online but couldn’t believe it back then). I was lucky to have an effect on it with plain undiluted bleach. In any case, I highly recommend using metallic and glitter fabric paints for the galaxies,they make the whole print a lot more stunning. To add more detailing, I sewed beads and sequins on top of the print.



I hope you found this post as interesting as my previous ones. Today my goal wasn’t to teach you how to remake a dress, but to give you inspiration and tips.

Thank you for reading! (And a big hug to my sister who helped me with the photos.)



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