Quick update/ news

It’s been a while since my last post but many things have happened so far. I feel the need to write a quick update…

The most obvious thing that has happened is that I changed the layout of this blog :). I also created a page for categories to gather every post into one place. I hope the links there are working properly.

Secondly, the piece of news I wanted to share with you is that I have finally had the courage to open my own Instagram account! I can be found there under the username essivashti. What this makes to my blog is that the category Art will no longer have any photos posted just for the sake of posting them. So in other words, all the visual inspiration I want to share will be posted on Instagram from now on.

With the new school year starting, I’m beginning to be too busy to keep up with the pace I was able to maintain through the summer. I’m currently working on my sisters graduation dress + one other commission that will keep me occupied for a good time. To sum it up, I will still have new content published but maybe only once a month (instead of once every other week).

And lastly, because I think posts without any images are boring, here is one more flowery shot from the past summer.


Thank you for reading!


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