Notes on Larry Stylinson amigurumi golf club covers

I know some people have problems with certain ships or shipping in general, but I’m not one of those people. And I’m not talking about boats. If don’t already know what I’m talking about here, you’re better off not knowing anything about it. To site a famous vlogger on youtube, “run and never get involved with it”.

Those of you who are still here, you may or may not have heard about Larry Stylinson. Most likely you have, because it’s such a well-known gay ship…  Anyway, I don’t ship Larry myself but my sister does. I made these golf club covers for her last year because honestly, what could be a better gift than something that combines her two favorite hobbies. To sum it up for those who don’t know Larry Stylinson, the golf club covers this post is about are hand-made mini version of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles in royal outfits.

One more thing before I begin to babble about these “amigurumi dolls”: last week Dust and fabrics reached 100 visitors! It’s not much but to me it means a lot… You made me really happy, thank you all who have been viewing my posts (including you reading this right now).

This post is once again part of the series notes on completed projects. What makes this different from my previous posts, however, is that I’m today going to write about knitting and crocheting. I didn’t have any ready-made directions for these and unfortunately I didn’t write them down either… So the most important thing for recreating these two is to know how to knit a sock of needed size and how to crochet. Both golf club covers are actually nothing more but wool socks decorated with crocheted detailing…


I’m going to begin with Louis for it is a bit more photogenic. It is smaller than Harry (as in real life Louis is shorter) because it is fitted for hybrid golf club. From the photo below it’s super easy to see basic shape of a sock in Louis’ “body”. The leg of sock is made in a stretch pattern, but other than that it’s just plain knit (i.e. not to purl. Does this make any sense?). The stitch count for Louis was something between 30-40 and needle size was 4 mm (European). The yarn was 75/25 wool/polyester.


The black string is for tightening the cover around the club. I had planned on knitting the sock to be big enough to fit the club but unfortunately the cover ended up being far too big… Luckily it could be fixed with sewing a strip of jersey knit to the open end and threading a piece of string through it. Harry has the same closing method as Louis.


Louis’s head is white crocheted ball that has two French knots as eyes and small back stitches as mouth. The hair was made with wool angora blend (I tried to cause as many knots as I could while embroidering, it resulted in nice bouclé style finish). I crocheted epaulettes with yellow cotton yarn and sewed them on. The collar was crocheted with the same yarn around the place where the head was attached. The cord that hangs from Louis’ shoulder (aiguilette is what it is called officially) is a simple crocheted string that is sewn onto his chest and shoulder. The light blue sash was made a separate band. The medallions/badges are beads and embroidered stitches.


Harry was knit the same way as Louis, but with bigger stitch count (it might have been something like 40-50 stitches) for it is for driver golf club. Harry’s head was also made the same way as Louis’, but its hair was a bit different. Because Harry’s long hair parts to the right, I secured loops of yarn to a straight line on the left side of its head and attached the loose ends of loops approximately on the level of its imaginable ears. Harry has yellow epaulettes like Louis and the medallions are likewise beads/embroidery, but the sash Harry has has a pink stripe running down the middle. Harry’s jacket had white buttons in the reference picture, so I stitched a line of French knots to the front.

Unfortunately my pictures of Harry were too messy to be published but I noticed it too late to take new ones (I blame black yarn and dust for it). The only one good enough to show you is the one below.


I realized also too late that I didn’t take any pictures of what they look like from the back, but oh well (there’s actually nothing special to see there, all the decorations are seen from the front). Anyhow, here’s one more cute photo of them together.


By the way, the winged key -necklace à la Harry Potter I mentioned first time back in July is finally close to completion. I think it will be the topic of my next DIY tutorial ;).

Thank you for reading!



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