1st blogiversary at Dust and fabrics!

Yahoo! It’s a celebration.


And what a celebration it’s going to be because I have two reasons to party: one, I finished my BA thesis, and second, this blog had its first anniversary May 25th! For that purpose this post is a little late, just like every post this year seems to have taken me unforgivably long to write 🙂 In my defense, I have been immersed into the writing of my Waterdress post series, which is by the way getting along pretty well!

In this blogiversary post, nevertheless, I’m going to look back on the first year of Dust and fabrics and share my thoughts on its future.


All in all I managed to write 17 blog post in my first year here May 2016 – May 2017. The first post I ever published was A cosmetic case inspired by Snapchat May 31st 2016. It was well received by you, my dear readers, but didn’t make it that far as my tutorial on papier mâché Bulbasaur that was the most read article of the year with its 50+ views. It may not seem that much to you but to me it is a huge amount of views for a one tutorial.

How is my Bulbasaur doing today? Fine, he keeps my bobbins safe and sound.

If 50+ views is much for me, then the total amount of views that is over 500 for the first year, feels almost impossible to comprehend. I update this site for my own pleasure but it makes me truly happy to see that there are people out there who are interested in my crafts. I don’t know if I say it enough, but thank you for reading my not-always-so-coherent scribbles and a mega thanks to my little group of subscribers, you make me feel very special :).

I remember being nearly frightened to death by the time I pressed the “publish” button for the first time. You could say I’ve come quite far from that as I nowadays get often really wordy! At the beginning the posts I wrote were approximately 800 words each, but these days I more and more often tend to reach nearly 1500 words per post, which has almost doubled my wordiness! The longest post so far is Quilted bag inspired by Harry Potter (aka the triptych bag) with its 1900 words (And why do I tell you this? That is because I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made with using English as a non-native speaker :))

If you have too much time to spare, take a go on reading this tutorial that has the most words in English I’ve ever written in one text!

When I first started this blog I had no idea how to sort my posts into categories, nor what kind of posts I would end up writing. I had the intention to blog about my weird geeky sewing and crafting projects, which is what I have been doing the whole year, and the categories almost shaped themselves. There were originally three of them: Art posts, Sewing/crafting tutorials and Notes on completed projects. Somewhere along the way I added two more to those (General stuff and Dressmaking and cosplay) that lead me to the structure of the site I today have.

You could say that I was a bit lost at the beginning, but finding my own way to run this blog has been part of the fun. The appearance of Dust and fabrics has had two complete makeovers so far! At the moment I’m real satisfied with what this blog has become.

Screenshot of Dustnfabrics 062017
For future needs, here’s a screenshot of Dust and fabrics’s home page in June 2017.

At the beginning of my blogging career I wrote Art posts that had my drawings as the main content, but I quickly I moved that over to Instagram where I nowadays post pictures of my drawings and works currently-in-progress. As the description of my account there is “All the beautiful things in my life”, I also post random photos of whatever I find interesting.

The Art posts category I once had here was replaced at the end of 2016 by a category called Art and thoughts. I have yet posted just one article there, but plan on continuing it later this year. What I didn’t see before is that kind of posts are really, really difficult to plan out, so they take even more time to finish than my normal sewing/crafting tutorials. I’m thinking about broadening the content of it to my drawing projects, as there tend to be more and more of those.

Notes on completed projects -series has been on a break the same way as Art and thoughts. Later on this year, or actually during the blog’s second year, I want to focus more on it and produce several more posts to it. It’s actually really realistic plan because in the next six months I will be working on my Master’s thesis, but Notes on –posts will be easier to write when I have little time and energy. The posts that will most likely be published under the title Notes on in the next year will discuss the following:

  • Cinderella 2015 inspired skirt (+maybe bodice that is still under work)
  • DIY polymer clay clock
  • Padmé’s japor snippet necklace from Star Wars
  • Padmé’s blue homestead poncho cosplay
  • Jedi cloak
  • Classic Leia cosplay (that includes classic Leia buns -earmuffs)

If you have wishes which one these should be the first to be published, leave a comment below. (And yes, I really have that many cosplay projects finished in my closet.)

Here’s an idea for you what the Polymer clay clock looks like.
And a little teaser photo of Padmé’s blue poncho.

What kind of sewing/crafting plans do I have for the future? Aside from the Notes on posts I listed above, I wish to sew something completely new as well. At the minimum I’m going to blog about a Frozen inspired footstool cover that I have been photographing to IG and take on new sewing commissions, plus maybe make something geeky/pretty for my friends and family.

For the future I want to get better at taking and editing photos, as it really often annoys me to post crappy and poor-quality ones. Unfortunately I’ve had no other choice but to post them anyway, because they’re the only photos I’ve had of my works…  And the best camera I’ve had has been in my phone, which is not that good after all. I dream of getting a proper camera for documenting one day, but for a couple more future posts you’ll (and I’ll) have to deal with the same quality as before. I already have photographed quite a few tutorials with my phone but I lack the time to actually write those.

Let’s take a moment to cringe together at the crappiest photos I’ve had the nerve to publish (there are so many things wrong in them that I can’t even count all):

And another thing I want to get better at is scheduling my blogging routine. This spring I’ve nearly had the time to post once in two months which makes me a bit sad, as I have materials and ideas but not the time… I wish I can get back to the twice a month rhythm I had at the beginning of my blogging career someday in the future.

But if you’re planning on starting on your blog, I highly recommend you gather all your courage and start it today! Having my own place, my own little corner on the Internet has given me so much joy that I sometimes regret I didn’t give it a go earlier. Creativity gives much more when it’s shared :D. Surely my sewing processes take longer these days to complete because I need to remember to stop to take pictures, but it’s worth all the effort!

I may have too many plans for the future of this site but that isn’t too bad, is it? All of them won’t probably come into reality but I’m not running out of ideas for sure ;).


Thank you for reading this anniversary post, and another, even bigger thank you to all of you who’ve been reading my blog for longer! Here’s to many more years like this! (And the next post will be on the Waterdress skirt, I promise.)



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