About me

DuckieHello everyone!

My name is Essi and I am a 23-year-old Finnish student who lives for everything creative. I fangirl over several things such as Star Wars and Disney, and I try to incorporate them into almost everything I make, hence the title “sanctuary of a crafty fangirl”! The word “Dust” in the name of this blog comes from a series called His dark materials, and the concept of Dust is one of the things that keep me exploring arts further and further.

My sewing/crafting philosophy is that everything can be made yourself if you are willing to think creatively, as well as DIY’s should not be expensive, which is why I recycle and reuse old as often as possible. For the things that I need to buy for my crafts, the budget is always really low (student life, yeah!).

I try to update as often as possible, but I’ve come to realize that posting twice a month is the maximum I can achieve, but I’m fine with it and hope you don’t mind either! I can be reached at dustnfabrics[at]gmail.com if you have anything to ask.


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